Everyone has a little glitter in their veins!
Paparazzi Accessories is a newer company bringing you fun fashion for only $5.00!!  Trendy jewelry that is all nickel & lead free!

But Paparazzi is more than that!  Paparazzi is about change!  Changing the way people look. Changing the way people feel. Changing people’s futures and their lives.

Though our fashion-forward jewelry and product parties are centered on fun, Paparazzi fulfills a serious mission. We believe that trendy accessories can be available, and affordable, to women everywhere. We know that wearing a new look, and feeling confident in your appearance, builds amazing self-esteem. Our passion is inspiring dreams, empowering talents, and reaching goals by sharing our products and the excitement of Paparazzi. 
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Ways to help you save up for a starter kit
Starting your own business can be a big step in life.  It's best to start out the smartest way possible to give you everything you need for success right out of the gate. The startup kits are designed for this purpose.  They include jewelry to sell to begin immediately making 45% profit the day you receive your kit. They also include all the business supplies you need to get started on the right foot. To see exactly what is included in each startup kit, go to the "Join My Team" page; they are all listed there.  

- Find cheaper ways to do things. Get things done at schools.  You can get you hair cut or colored at a cosmetology school and save.  Get your car repaired at a mechanic school.  Have dental work done at the dental school.  These people are in an environment to learn how to do things the right way and they aren't allowed to do the work if they're not ready.  So take advantage of the savings they offer.

- Shop at thrift stores instead of expensive department stores.  Many thrift stores are in business to support some organization. I know of several in my area that raise money through the sales for domestic violence shelters and animal shelters.  They only have items that are in good clean condition for sale

- Simply cutting back on unnecessary items will save you money for your startup kit as well as for your overall budget!  Here are some more examples:

- Last option would be to use a credit card to buy your starter kit.  The goal however is not to make your debt larger, but to immediately be able to make a profit and start building a successful business.  Therefore, I'd only suggest this as a last resort and also if you have the intention of paying this off of your credit card immediately with your sales from your starter kit.  :-)
If money is tight and you're having a hard time starting out with the startup kit, here are some ideas to help you save that money up in no time.

-Tax refund! I started with my tax refund. It was the best investment of my life!!!

-Save money by doing free activities. You can go to the park, the library, read a book, etc. Kids are happy playing with Mom & Dad without spending a lot of money. Just have fun spending quality time together by playing a game or throwing a ball in the backyard. You don't have to spend money to have fun.

- Stop eating out or getting that large expensive coffee for a month. I've read that the average family spend $300-$500 per month eating out. In just one month of cutting this out, you could save up for your starter kit.

-Have a yard sale or garage sale or sell things on the Facebook yardsale sites. If you have things lying around the house that you don't use any longer or clothes or toys the kids have outgrown, sell them!! And you'll also free up some space & de-clutter your home too!

- Try your hand at couponing! Lots of people save lots of money every week by using coupons.
         Item                                           Price                                   How Many/How Often                                 Cost / Savings Per Year

Bag of Chips                                  $3.00 / bag                                        1 every week                                                     $156 / year

Soda - picked up at a                      $2.00 each                                        1 every day                                                        $730 / year
convenience store

Pizza delivered                               $25.00 plus tip                                   1 every week                                                     $1300 / year

Eating lunch out                             $7.00 /day                                        3 times / week                                                    $1092 / year

​Eating out for a family of 4             $60.00 / week                                    1 time / week                                                     $3120 / year
Good luck on your savings and I'm looking forward to helping you get started and to help you reach your goals with Paparazzi Accessories!!!